Fruits and Vegetables to Grow Hydroponically and Their Health Benefits

Hydroponics presents a great and innovative method of growing plants and produce, in water, without the need for soil – offering a multitude of benefits, not only for the growers themselves, but the environment too. Not only when growing using hydroponic kits can the the most perfect growing conditions created, but also minerals and nutrients can be added at optimum levels, enabling produce to grow much greater, tastier and more nutritional than ever before.

If you have only recently been introduced to the growing method, and are unsure what you should grow to kick start your hydroponic journey, here are some of the easiest vegetables and fruits that you could grow, alongside their health benefits:

hydroponic kits



Vining plants such as tomatoes are perfect for hydroponic growing, as they only require minimal ground space – meaning that abundance can be grown in a tiny space. Tomatoes are packed full of vitamin A and C as well as folic acid, and strong antioxidants that can protect people from heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. Thanks to hydroponics people can enjoy the freshest tomatoes all year round.



Lettuce is most definitely the most popular produce choice amongst hydroponic growers, probably because of the little attention and space that it requires. It only takes a couple of weeks to grow before the first crops can be enjoyed, and lettuce boasts many health benefits too. The low calorie vegetable contains vitamins A, C and K, iron, calcium magnesium and potassium.



Strawberries grow particularly well in hydroponic environments – growing much larger and juicier than when they are grown traditionally using soil-based growing methods. Strawberries are very high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and known to hold the ability to boost ones immune system whilst lowering cholesterol.



Peppers, like tomatoes strive in hydroponics growing environments and a great tip is to raise temperatures at night and decrease temperatures during the day to improve overall production. Not only are peppers very, very tasty and low in calories – but they are also incredibly high in nutrients and vitamins, promoting great health and fighting diseases.



Blueberries grow much better in hydroponic conditions because the most ideal growing conditions can be created. High in antioxidants, blueberries are able to protect the brain and the nervous systems amazingly and are vital for keeping a body healthy.

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