Planning the perfect spring party

Spring is here

There is no better way to celebrate than to throw a super spring party – in your garden. Whether to celebrate a birthday or special occasion or simply to celebrate the brighter weather and longer days, if you’re planning on hosting a party, preparation is vital.

hog roasts

Things to consider

Invitations: Invitations often make a larger impact than many think – setting a parties theme. This could be a good time to add the first personal touch too. Why not consider adding dried flowers to invites or even pop them in a plant and deliver them straight to your guest’s doorsteps?

Decorations: Spring is amazing when it comes to decorating a party-space cheaply. Simply use flowers to decorate tables and you could even use sting lights to decorate large plants and trees.

Food: Fortunately there are many catering solutions suitable for outdoors including picnics, salads and even hog roasts.

Drink: Create large cocktails for your guests to enjoy in the form of pitchers, this often saves money. Be sure to provide a non-alcoholic fruity option and also plenty of water to keep people hydrated.

Music: Music can be important when looking to create an atmosphere, for instance if you are looking for a classy feeling, you could select a classical option or if you are serving beers and burgers you might want to consider something a bit louder which your guests  can dance too

In addition to these factors, there are of course other things that you should put thought into when party planning, including dress code and games. However, if you plan these points efficiently, you will be heading in the right direction and starting off well – enabling you to host a fun party for all to enjoy.



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