‘Talking’ CCTV cameras

Have you ever dropped litter or parked badly in the French Riviera? You won’t want to do it again! ‘Talking’ CCTV cameras could be installed, that shout at people that do these things. 



The CCTV cameras will be connected to the control staff room and have loud speakers so that the controllers can then scold individuals that they witness parking badly or littering. A number of privacy campaigners think that this is one step too far and have therefore deemed the cameras ‘impractical’, but what do you think?

One of the reasons why many think that these cameras may be unnecessary is that at any given time only a limited number of staff would be monitoring the cameras anyway, meaning that many offenders would be missed. Others stated that they were worried about their own privacy, no one likes to be watched and some even said that if plans were to become reality they would feel like they were on the TV show Big Bother!

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