Ten Great Reasons to Move to California

Out of all the 50 US states, there’s something in which makes California stand out, something that makes so many people want to move there each and every year. While of course different people have different reasons for making the move to California, today we are going to list just ten of great advantages which come with moving to California, with the intention of enabling all to make the best decisions for them.

Advantages of living in California


  1. It has been suggested that people living in California have a lower risk of dying. The mortality rate in California is lower than in many other places and people in California tend to live for much longer.
  2. California weather if for the majority of the time truly beautiful. The weather across California however does depend on where exactly you are in the state, with some locations being sweltering and others more bearable – it is all about choosing the best location for your individual preferences.
  3. California is known all over the world for the great cuisine in which it offers. Take In-N-Out for example, one of the largest fast food chains in the state (founded in 1958). Everyone in California loves food from In-N-Out, so if you move there, you will probably become a regular too.
  4. California is incredibly diverse, with several large cities and history containing many different ethnic groups. The wide variety of people living in California make it an incredibly interesting place for people to live, presenting them with a chance to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.
  5. California is home to many spectacular public and private schools and colleges – something in which attracts many people. People from California tend to be very well educated.
  6. California is home to some of the most interesting sites in the world, including Los Angeles and San Francisco! Not only this but seen as though California is so large, if you choose to move there, there is a good chance that you will never see everything!
  7. If you like beaches, California is for you. Boasting 800 miles of beautiful coastline California boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the entire world. Imagine waking up and going for a run on the beach every morning!
  8. People living in California tend to be healthier and less likely to become overweight, this is because they are incredibly health conscious.
  9. Love sport? California is for you! No matter what sport you are interested in, I bet California has a team for you.
  10. Last but not least, you will be able to tell everyone that you live in California! How cool is that!

Are you thinking about moving to California? What is it that first attracted you to the wonderful state? We would love to know…


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