Why plan a party in the Morecambe area?

Morecambe is typically recognised for its charm as a seaside town in the North of England and it has been popular with tourists for many years. The combinations of sea, beaches, a promenade and ease of access make it an ideal area to host a party or event. After all, many people have fond childhood memories of holidaying in the area and it has a rich cultural history of its own too.

Ideal for your event?

hog roast Morecambe

Whether you are planning a private party or a social gathering, Morecambe could be considered a great place because there is such much to see and do.  The following points may give you even more inspiration to enjoy your time here:

Food for thought

  • Morecambe has historic railway connections and in 1846, the once famous Morecambe Harbour and Railway Company formed – also building a harbour at Morecambe bay. This opened up connections for the town too, which by the 1850’s was seeing regular visitors from Skipton and even the West Riding of Yorkshire
  • It is home to a beautiful public space with an inspiring name – ‘Happy Mount Park’. If you are having a family gathering in the town, for example, then taking a stroll through the park at some point may well be a good idea
  • Morecambe Sands is an atmospheric beach area known for its sandy expanse and atmospheric views across the bay, therefore a great photo opportunity
  • There are also a number of catering opportunities available for people who choose to host their events in Morecambe. For a hog roast in Morecambe, the Pendle Pig offers a recognised service providing a number of menu options. For more information on what is available you can visit their website: www.hogroastslancashire.co.uk

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