Window Film is the Number One Choice for UK Businesses

High technology window film is used in a vast range of practical applications for many types of businesses around the UK. It is most commonly used in commercial buildings with large windows such as office blocks, schools, factories and shopping malls for its varied properties, chiefly outlined below.



Window film is commonly used for its privacy properties, providing an effective method of protection as it limits the view through the glass, facilitating one way viewing and protecting your business from would-be opportunists. Providing such a barrier will prevent thieves from being able to view your office valuables such as computers and electrical equipment.

Window film

Solar heat control

Infra-red from the sun can cause heat issues in commercial buildings with large panels of glass, effectively creating a greenhouse effect, which is most undesirable in a business capacity. Specialist solar window film provides heat control, effectively reducing the heat gain from the sun, ensuring a comfortable working environment for all. This in turn reduces the need and use of air conditioning and aids in energy efficiency, saving money for your business.


Specialist safety window film will effectively reinforce the glass, providing protection from a variety of potential threats to the integrity of the glass, such as intruders and burglars, opportunists, vandalism and in the unfortunate event of damage from civil unrest. It will additionally aid in the prevention of injury in the workplace, reducing the risk of legal action from a glass related accident.

Anti-shatter protection

Anti-shatter protection will reduce the risk of damage from an unexpected explosion or a terrorist attack which is generally applicable in areas such as shopping centres and airports, reducing the risk of injury to members of the public.


In the winter season when temperatures drop, window film provides insulation for your business, reducing the heating bill. Utilising low-emissivity technology ensures the reduction of heat loss, designed to save you money in the long term.

UV filtering

High quality UV filtering window film is used widely in schools, offices and even in the home to vastly reduce harmful UV rays, which are essentially magnified through large panels of glass which act like a greenhouse. Window film filters out UV rays without impacting on the integrity of the window, allowing virtually the same level of light to enter and without reduced outward vision.

When choosing a window film for your business or premises, it is important you choose a reputable provider with a wealth of experience to offer you a first rate service with help and expertise to guide you through your requirements. Always ensure you research and find a reputable window graphics company with good reviews to ensure the quality of your product.

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